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A way forward

Starts at The HUB

We're here to help when you need it


About Us

The first step towards getting life's issues sorted.

From time to time life has a habit of becoming challenging these times can be brought on by so many different issues, housing, debt, abuse all manner of things can grow from small beginnings to a major issue which seems to be impossible to work out and find a way though these issues.


With a little help from someone who cares, someone who have helped with these issues before and guide you though the minefield of services you may need to solve your problem. You can find a way forward.


The HUB is here to help. We are a person-centered place bringing together skilled people from all sorts of organizations able to advise and help you pick apart those things, which are causing stress. 


If you find yourself stuck and can’t find a way forward call in at one of HUBs and start your journey back to happiness – this could be your light bulb moment to break out of on going stress and be empowered to face the challenges and overcome them. 

Just Listen

The HUB is a community service provided by South Essex Community HUB which is a registered charity no.1186951

Just Listen

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