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The Shoebury HUB has moved

Updated: Jan 8

South Essex Community HUB have moved to the Centre of the Shoebury Community.

The move to Friars Baptist Church will mark an important development for The HUB at Shoebury. With all the development on the old Renown site and surrounding housing and schools SECH are looking forward to being at the heart of the Shoebury Community.

South Essex Community HUB is a multiple access ‘hub’. Developed by volunteers as a community facility. Its goal is to build an ever improving community, based on shared values & social cohesion

It does this through;

The provision of easy access to information, programmes, events, discussion and services that inform, challenge, educate, train & entertain;

Presenting it in a way that enables participation, brings people together and measurably helps to build our community.

Bringing together the complex jigsaw of the many services available in our town into one clear and concise web based directory, which will directly link the user with the service provided.

The HUB is a meeting placewhere people in the community can;

Find & celebrate community contributors/improvers

Share their own interests, knowledge, thoughts etc.

Find, meet, get to know others in the community with interests, viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences similar and dissimilar to their own.

Absorb, learn from & or participate in positive debate/discussion, which further develops healthy community growth

Easily find information, people & assistance to help them live more effective, enjoyable & healthy lives, both now and in the future.

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