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A SECH Project

Take some time on The Pier.


Based in South Essex, UK, Breathing space is a chance to take some time out and enjoy the peace and calm of the great outdoors through locally filmed nature clips, growing natural food together in one of our garden projects, or discovering beautiful places on one of our Wild Walks. It’s also an opportunity to meet new friends and develop your knowledge and skills in things like photography or gardening.

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It would be great to see you at one of our weekly events in South Essex, UK. Find out more by visiting us on social media, or send us an email on the contact page.

Breathing Space is supported by the Heritage Fund and works in partnership with South Essex Community Hubs.

A SECH Project


One of the many effects of the Corona Virus has been to bring into sharp focus the fragility of our current global food production and distribution systems – shortages and queues in our supermarkets and shops for even basic food items have shown that there is a fundamental need to redesign the way that we feed ourselves and our communities.


Part of the solutions-based picture is about re-localising food production and learning to grow more of our own produce in our own gardens, allotments or whatever spaces are available to us: Just think how much food growing land is potentially available, and the possible contribution to the health, well-being and sustenance of our society we could all make if only we had the land and skills!

Our newly revised and reprinted edition of ‘Top of the Crops – How to make Your Edible Garden Grow’ is therefore available as a free PDF download for the duration of the COVID-19 Lockdown period in the hope that folks will find it a useful and empowering beginners guide, building confidence and encouragement to play a part in food security solutions for ourselves and our communitys – Another world IS possible!

Take some time with Graham on Gardening

A SECH Project

During these difficult times families may be struggling to make sure their children are well fed and keeping healthy. Get The Kids Out have got some limited resources to help with food deliveries and food bank vouchers.


With our partners SECH we continue to offer help and advise if you are facing a difficult problem and don’t know where to turn you can call our emergency help line on:

                                    07398 094462

Get The Kids out Holiday Club


School Holidays should be a time when families can look forward having fun without added stress, and frayed patience of keeping children entertained and fed during school holidays.

Many families around the Victoria and Milton Wards of Southend are on very limited budgets. Free school meals and Breakfast Clubs are essential part family budgets and ensure children get a well-balanced meal every school day. During Holidays many families have to chose between the added expense of meals and paying the rent or worst still covering the additional cost with a short term loan with extraordinary high interest rates which easily lead to a debt crisis. Outings to the cinema or a theme Park are financially impossible.


Get The Kids Out holiday clubs are staffed by experienced people who have been ABS checked and trained to provide a safe friendly environment. A varied program designed to entertain and stimulate children in exploring all manner of experiences including art, crafts, sports, dance, cooking, games and just having loads of fun with friends new and old.


The Holiday Club will be open every weekday during the half term holiday from 10 am until 4 pm. We have space for 40 Children, each child is given lunch and 2 snacks every day of we will be open Monday to Friday 10am -4pm.

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